LL - Rumpke Trash Restrictions - Click Here


Dumpsters are for household trash generated each day; items that go in your trash cans and garbage bags, boxes that are broken down, packing materials such as styrofoam.  In addition to the list restricted by Rumpke Waste, items restricted from placing in the dumpsters are appliances of any type such as air conditioners, furnaces, water heaters, mixers, irons, vacuum sweepers, crock pots, deep fryers, griddles, etc., no TV’s, stereos, computers, battery backups, etc., no lawn & garden items such as mowers, string trimmers, blowers, etc., no fixtures such as toilets, sinks, vanities, water softeners, cabinetry, etc., no building products, roofing, siding, drywall, lumber, sheeting, etc., no mattresses, box springs, pallets, storage containers, carpet, padding, awnings, canopies, metals of any type, no lawn debris other than grass clippings, no flower pots, brick, block, pavers, concrete, pipe, posts, grills, fire rings.   No items are to be brought in from outside the park and placed in the dumpsters.  DO NOT bring your trash from home.

All acceptable material must be placed in dumpster, not beside them.  If a dumpster is full, move to the next dumpster.  Use the front, middle and rear hatches on both sides.  If all are full, hold your trash until the next week.

For your Spring and Fall cleaning, we will bring in rolloff(s) for Memorial Day and Labor Day for all items that are not permitted in the dumpsters EXCLUDING HAZARDOUS MATERIALS & TIRES.

Your cooperation in this will be greatly appreciated.  Contact me with any questions.