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Below are reminders for closing up for the 2022 season:
- All leases for sites, boat docks, jet ski ports and deposits are due no later than October 15, 2022.
Balances for 2023 leases are due no later than May 1, 2023.
- All outstanding 2022 balances must be paid in full.
- Please do not have mail or deliveries sent to LL as there is not a mailbox or anyone to receive it.
- Please do not have proof of insurance sent to LL. Mail to Logan Landing, 202 Parkview Dr.
Bluffton, OH 45817 or email to
- There is no trash service during the off season; dumpsters will be removed Oct 31, 2022.
- If you cover your camper or furniture during the off season, fitted covers must be used; tarps
are not permitted.
- Off season sanitary sewer-The county charges a sewer fee whether or not there is a unit on the
site. You will be billed for the winter months the first statement of 2023.
- Off season electric-Meters are not read during the off season. If you do not want to be charged
for off season electric, make sure you disconnect at the pedestal. Off season electric bills will be
sent to you the first week of May 2023.
- Off season water:
Park models-We do not turn the water off for park models. It is the park model owner’s
responsibility to prevent damage to the waterlines due to freezing. Make sure your heat tape is
working properly. A reminder for those of you that own park models. If your waterlines are
insulated and have a heat tape, your electric must remain on at the unit in order for the heat
tape to work. This doesn’t apply if your valve in the ground is turned off.
5 th Wheels, motorhomes and all pull type campers, we will be turning the water off and
disconnecting all of the supply hoses as of October 29, 30, 31, 2022. Do not turn your water
back on after we have turned it off. If you need water, you can go to either well (by the front
gate or by the adult pond). There are yard hydrants there that are always on.
- Please check for any water leaks from the pit to your unit hookup and fix them or call us to
repair. Park model owners, check your toilets so that they are not running. Accumulative drips
add up to a lot of water which affects our water bill that ultimately affects your rate for your
- Our website is If you wish to be on the group text list, please
contact Debbie for instructions.
- If you will be renewing your internet service for the 2023 season, please keep your modems.

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